Closing the Sale

"A man prayed every morning to God. And every morning he made the same plea, "Please, God let me win the Lottery for a million dollars." "For many, many years this man spoke the same words. As the years went on he married, raised a family, buried his wife and daughters, and he grew bitter. But still every day he would raise his hand to God and say, " Let me win the Lottery for a million dollars." "Finally on his ninety-seventh birthday, … [Read more...]

Secrets To Closing More Sales

The secret to closing more sales is not to think of a killer closing line. The secret to closing more sales is to do a better job of qualifying your prospects. You know the old kid's song, "the knee bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the foot bone, etc'? What's true in anatomy is true in sales. Everything is connected in the sales process. If you do a better job qualifying your prospects, understanding their … [Read more...]

Closing : Give Yourself a Raise

One of the great things about being in sales is that if you want a raise all you need to do is sell a few more accounts. Most of us are on commission or bonus based on performance. So perform if you want a bump up in take home pay. How about the rest of the working world? They are not so lucky. These days companies treat raises like Waldo. You can't find one. No matter how hard you work, no matter how good you are at your job, most workers … [Read more...]

How Consultants Sell

We have all seen consultants running around our companies asking questions, gathering data and presenting to our senior execs in the boardroom. Did you ever wonder how they sold their services? Check out this sales web site : It's a site geared towards consultants. Interesting stuff. Even if you are selling a product rather than a service, there are some ideas that might help you. Some recent and past posts … [Read more...]

Sales : Greetings Earthlings!

Now that is a memorable opening line! It's a line that grabs your attention and immediately focuses the audience on the message and what is coming next.  With just two words you have captured your audience and engaged their imagination.It pays to be thoughtful about the language you choose and how you present your service or product to your prospect. SalesDucks always recommends starting your conversation with your prospect or client with a … [Read more...]

Closing : When Your Prospect Says “No”

When your prospect says no, logic rarely has anything to do with it. Emotions might. Politics might. Indifference might. But logic rarely is the deciding factor in a buy vs. no buy decision How so? If you have done your homework and developed a good understanding of the buyer's business, his needs, current supplier strengths and weaknesses and what the buyer is trying to accomplish, then you should be able to put together a compelling, … [Read more...]

More Cowbell

You've seen the old Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken asking for more cowbell from a band he is recording. Walken plays the record producer who needs more cowbell and Will Farrell is the band memeber who is more than happy to oblige. Ferrell plays cowbell with enthusiasm and abandon, he hits the hell out of that cowbell. We all need a little more cowbell in our sales presentations. You can't have too much enthusiasm … [Read more...]

Margin Call Movie

by Bob Kuczik If you decide to get in the sales business you will no doubt encounter times when your integrity will be tested. Selling effectively leads to developing strong relationships. Be careful to avoid selling your product soley on your ability to woo the buyer. The time when companies kept buyers static in their job is a thing of the past. Now buyers are rotated out to new departments. The good old boy network bred lazy buying … [Read more...]

Always Be Closing

Alec Baldwin made it famous. A-B-C. Always Be Closing. Balwin's depiction of the Sales Manager and Motivator from Hell in Glengarry Glen Ross is a classic. We have all sat in Sales Meetings where the tough guy Sales Manager challenges everyone to do better. Check out this scene from the movie and tell me it's not the best sales and business speech e-v-e-r! … [Read more...]

Twelve Rules for Closing a Sale

Check out these basic rules for closing a sale from Entrepreneur magazine. Many are obvious like carry a Pen and Make Eye Contact but a few are worthy or review and consideration. 12 Rules for Closing the Sale   … [Read more...]