Them vs. Us

by Bob Everlanka How do¬†you get your client to change their thinking from "you are one of them...a sales guy trying to sell us something" to " you are one of us"? How do you move your customer's perception of you from a guy who is selling stuff for your benefit to a guy who provides so much help, support, service, knowledge and positive karma that he is one of us trying his best to help us achieve our goals? QUARTERLY BUSINESS … [Read more...]

The New Guy: Closing The Sale

If you are a new sales rep, don't hide it. Flaunt it. It's a good thing. Why? Because people like to help out the new guy. It's human nature. They will cut you some slack and maybe give you an order just because you are the new guy starting your career. When the prospect puts you in a tough spot with a question regarding pricing or delivery, go to the "I'm new" card. This only works if you follow up with, "I'm new. Let me check with the … [Read more...]