Closing the Sale

“A man prayed every morning to God. And every morning he made the same plea, “Please, God let me win the Lottery for a million dollars.”

“For many, many years this man spoke the same words. As the years went on he married, raised a family, buried his wife and daughters, and he grew bitter. But still every day he would raise his hand to God and say, ” Let me win the Lottery for a million dollars.”

“Finally on his ninety-seventh birthday, after having made this plea twenty-seven thousand seven hundred and forty-one mornings, God appeared to the old man.”

“Jacob, please,” the creator of heaven and earth said, “help me out. Buy a ticket.”

So…if you want to land the big account, grow your business, change your life…Buy a ticket. Knock on a door. Cold Call Prospect. Qualify a buyer. Make a presentation.

Buy a ticket.

-This story is featured in Walter Mosley’s novel, The Right Mistake. Mosley is the author of the acclaimed Easy Rawlins series of mysteries.

Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley (Photo credit: Mark Coggins)

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