Sales : Greetings Earthlings!

Now that is a memorable opening line! It’s a line that grabs your attention and immediately focuses the audience on the message and what is coming next.  With just two words you have captured your audience and engaged their imagination.It pays to be thoughtful about the language you choose and how you present your service or product to your prospect. SalesDucks always recommends starting your conversation with your prospect or client with a series of questions designed to get the prospect to paint a clear picture of their current situation. You want to know their goals, are they using a similar product, are they happy with the product or service and is there an area where your competitor is falling short. Once you have a feel for the opportunity, you can transition from asking questions to presenting your product or service. Use the information your prospect has just shared with you to craft your presentation and highlight the areas that you know will be of greatest interest to the prospect.

A few well crafted sentences about your product, your company and the benefits you can offer will capture your prospect’s imagination and lead to more sales.

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