Secrets To Closing More Sales

The secret to closing more sales is not to think of a killer closing line. The secret to closing more sales is to do a better job of qualifying your prospects.

You know the old kid’s song, “the knee bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the foot bone, etc’? What’s true in anatomy is true in sales. Everything is connected in the sales process. If you do a better job qualifying your prospects, understanding their needs and building some rapport, then when the time is right your closing ratio will skyrocket.

Here are six questions you need to ask your prospects before you think of trying to make a sale:

1. Do they have the authority to make the buying decision?

2. Do they have the money/budget to buy your product?

3. Do they have a need for your product or are they a current user?

4. Is the timing right?

5. Are they open to change?

6. Can you build a relationship with the buyer?

Once you have a qualified prospect, one who has the authority and the money to buy, one who has a need, is open to change and with whom you have some rapport, then closing the sale will come easily, naturally and frequently. Good Selling!

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