The New Guy: Closing The Sale

If you are a new sales rep, don’t hide it. Flaunt it. It’s a good thing. Why? Because people like to help out the new guy. It’s human nature. They will cut you some slack and maybe give you an order just because you are the new guy starting your career.

When the prospect puts you in a tough spot with a question regarding pricing or delivery, go to the “I’m new” card. This only works if you follow up with, “I’m new. Let me check with the Service Manager and get back to you today.” Most prospects will have no problem with this response as long as you do, in fact, get back to them today.

To have any credibility with the prospect, you must get back to him today, no matter what you run into when you get back to the office. Service Manager went home sick. Find his boss and get an answer. If you are getting the run around go to your boss for help. No one home, roll down to the corner office and talk to the big boss. This is your chance to go the extra mile for your prospect and get him the information he requested in a timely manner. If you do not get back to the prospect today, the door will close. You can impress the prospect and his team with your efforts, professionalism and response and set the stage for closing the sale.

“I’m new” will work with many prospects and buy you some time to establish your credibility with quick follow up. It always comes down to the effort you put into building a relationship with the prospect and delivering on any promise you make.

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