Cold Calling, Closing = Success

A great friend of mine has been in sales his whole career. He started working at P&G callling on grocery stores many years ago and eventually opened his own staffing agency.┬áHe built it one cold call at a time to a very successful business. About five years ago he decided he wanted to coach high school football. He sold his business and started a coaching career. It was lots of hard work but it was great working with kids and teaching them … [Read more...]

The Elevator Pitch

by Bob Everlanka You have 45 seconds. The prospect you have been chasing for a year finally slows down, puts down his phone and focuses his attention on you. It's time to stand and deliver. Are you ready to confidently, concisely and articulately state who you are and why this prospect should be interested enough in what you are selling to schedule a full blown meeting with you? Here are 7 Keys To A Great Elevator Pitch 1. Introduce … [Read more...]

Cold Calling

Sometimes the old way of doing things still work. Back in the day, top sales performers would put ten pennies in their right pocket and head out to cold call. After every call, they would transfer one penny to their left pocket. The best of them would not head home, no matter what, without having all ten pennies jingling in their left pocket. These days we have smart phones, apps, sales tracking software and corporate … [Read more...]

Yes or No Questions

A salesman called me at home last night. He introduced himself and then asked, "Do you have double paned windows in your house?" I said, "Yes" and the salesman thanked me and hung up. So, what's wrong with this picture? This is the classic yes or no question that goes nowhere. I would guess this sales rep gets close to 100% of the people he calls responding with yes, I have double paned windows, just to end the call. Sales 101 would suggest a … [Read more...]

Cold Calling

There's no magic to it. No mystery. It takes a little determination. A little willpower. It's like dieting. No fun, but if you stick with it you will see results. The pounds don't usually roll off the first week and cold calling works the same way. If you do it consistently and make it part of your healthy career lifestyle, you will be rewarded. More prospects turn into revenue producing clients. Simple. Just don't eat that donut! Image by marc … [Read more...]