Cold Calling

Sometimes the old way of doing things still work.

Back in the day, top sales performers would put ten pennies in their right pocket and head out to cold call. After every call, they would transfer one penny to their left pocket. The best of them would not head home, no matter what, without having all ten pennies jingling in their left pocket.

English: Large amount of pennies

These days we have smart phones, apps, sales tracking software and corporate reports.

Success in sales can often be a result of a single minded focus on the most basic of our activities. If we can get in front of a bunch of prospective clients, engage in a conversation, qualify the prospect and move towards an opportunity to sit down and have a meaningful business conversation, we are on the high road to success. It all starts from knocking on that door or picking up the phone. Consistently. Relentlessly.

What got me thinking about the old ways of doing things was an article about running in the New York Times by Christopher McDougall callled “The Once and Future Way to Run”. In the story, McDougall writes about reading a three page essay from 1908 by W.G. George about his “100-Up” Excercise. George invented the excercise when he was 16. Within five years he was a world record holder. McDougall crdits this simple, 100 year old excercise with helping him and others run their best time, injury free. Here is a link to a web site explaining the excercise and its benefits:

A hundred years ago, salesmen were pulled into meetings, solved problems, handled billing and delivery issues, and dealt with many of the distractions we face every day. But the best of them, the most successful of the bunch, always checked their pockets before they went home and made sure the jingle they heard was from the pennies in their left pocket.

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