Cold Calling, Closing = Success

A great friend of mine has been in sales his whole career. He started working at P&G callling on grocery stores many years ago and eventually opened his own staffing agency. He built it one cold call at a time to a very successful business.

About five years ago he decided he wanted to coach high school football. He sold his business and started a coaching career. It was lots of hard work but it was great working with kids and teaching them the game he loved.

Five years of coaching is a lifetime and my friend is now back in sales. After being away for five years, he has some insights that we might not see since we are always focusing on the next sale:

1. Cold Calling Works. Five years ago every business would have at least one sales rep knock on their door every day. Not so much anymore. We all use LinkedIn or Facebook or e-mail campaigns to generate new contacts. Knocking on doors and introducing yourself to the decision maker works.

2. Follow Up Works. My friend has enough confidence to know that if he works the system, follows up with his prospects and presents a reasonable case for using his service, business will come. By staying in front of his prospects consistently, he knows he will get an order when the prospect is ready to consider a new vendor.

3. Ask For the Order. It Works. At the end of every conversation with a prospect my friend asks for the business. In the staffing business, we ask : ” Do you have any open positions I can help you with today?” It’s a soft close, a simple close, but it works!

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