The Elevator Pitch

by Bob Everlanka

You have 45 seconds. The prospect you have been chasing for a year finally slows down, puts down his phone and focuses his attention on you. It’s time to stand and deliver.

Are you ready to confidently, concisely and articulately state who you are and why this prospect should be interested enough in what you are selling to schedule a full blown meeting with you?

Here are 7 Keys To A Great Elevator Pitch

1. Introduce yourself and your company quickly but confidently.

2. Look the prospect in the eye and shake his hand.

3. Tell the prospect you would like to schedule a meeting with him to discuss….whatever it is that you are selling….staffing, valves, pickles, etc

These first three steps should take 10 to 15 seconds. The prospect now knows who you are, he has shaken your hand and he knows what you want.

4. You now have 15 seconds to convince the prospect it is in his best interest to schedule a meeting with you. You need one or two sentences that describe your product or service and most critically how it will benefit the prospect’s company. Corporate B.S. does not work here. You need to know what is important to your prospect. Keep it real. Pick your best feature and make sure you tie it into a killer benefit for your prospect.

5. Close. Ask for the appointment. Smile. Shake hands again while nailing down a specific date and time to meet.

6. If objections come up about your product or service…deflect. Don’t try to overcome objections here. You can’t win. Close again. Ask for a meeting where you can address these ” questions”.

7. Breathe. Work on improving your pitch and get ready to ride the elevator again.

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