Yes or No Questions

A salesman called me at home last night. He introduced himself and then asked, “Do you have double paned windows in your house?” I said, “Yes” and the salesman thanked me and hung up. So, what’s wrong with this picture? This is the classic yes or no question that goes nowhere. I would guess this sales rep gets close to 100% of the people he calls responding with yes, I have double paned windows, just to end the call.

Sales 101 would suggest a different type of sales call along these lines, “Good Evening Sir. I am with ABC Windows and we have been working with a number of your neighbors in helping them reduce their heating and air conditioning costs by utilizing our double paned window system. Do you have a couple of minutes to hear a little more or would you like one of my Service Reps to schedule an appointment with you so you could save a ton of money on your a/c bill this summer?”

Now this may not be the slickest opening in the world but at least you have a chance of getting past a one word response to your question. It pays to take a few minutes to figure out where you are trying to go with your sales calls and how you are going to get there.

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