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22 Great Songs to Pump You Up Before a Sales Call

by Bob Everlanka & Bob Kuczik Today is the day! You are heading to the big sales call. But instead of focusing all your energy and intellect on the upcoming sales call, you are distracted because you just got off the phone with: (A) An irate client upset about a billing error (B) Your kid who called to complain there is no food in the house (C) The Mother-In-Law (D) All of the Above So how do you transition to a positive, … [Read more...]

Sales : What To Do When Things Are Going Good

Sometimes good things really do happen: That piece of business you have been chasing for years finally breaks and you get an order. The decision maker who always says "No" is transferred and the Admin you have cultivated is promoted to the big job. Your calendar is full with prospect appointments and your clients are expanding and your business should grow with them. Sometimes life is good. What should you do when everything is going your … [Read more...]

Selling: How To Save a “Lost” Client

Don't write off a client who stops using your service or begins to order from your competitor. An inactive client, even one that is mad at you, is a pre-qualified source of new business. You already know more about this client than you will ever know about a new prospect. You know what makes the client tick and what are his hot buttons. You were successful selling the client once. You now  know where your efforts or product have fallen short of … [Read more...]

Gaining Sales Traction : Salt on the Road

Sometimes the wheels spin and you need a little traction to get going. Salt on the Road will give your tires the traction they need so you can get out of that icy patch and back on the road. You can get stuck spinning your wheels in sales. Sometimes a little  help can get you moving again in the right direction. Here are 5 Ways to get some Salt on the Road for your sales efforts: 1. Are you qualifying your prospects? You may have plenty of … [Read more...]

Closing The Sale : Two Step

  It's rare that one sales call turns into an immediate sale. It happens. But most of the time the decision maker does not make a buying decision on the spot. You can have a world class sales call : Ask questions and understand the client's challenges Establish Rapport Offer a Solution Present your Product or Service including features and benefits Close You still may not make the sale. It's human nature to delay making … [Read more...]

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

by Bob Everlanka It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came in gusts, pelting the sidewalk and pushing the leaves and debris around. Winds howled and waves surged and crashed along the beach. You get the picture. Bad weather. So what do you do when you are holed up in the office staring out the windows at rain, sleet or snow? Here are six suggestions that you can can do when you can't get out in the field that will help you  be more … [Read more...]