Closing The Sale : Two Step


It’s rare that one sales call turns into an immediate sale. It happens. But most of the time the decision maker does not make a buying decision on the spot.

You can have a world class sales call :

  • Ask questions and understand the client’s challenges
  • Establish Rapport
  • Offer a Solution
  • Present your Product or Service including features and benefits
  • Close

You still may not make the sale. It’s human nature to delay making a decision to buy. Often no matter how much sense your presentation makes, your prospect will say, “Let me think about it and give me a call next week.” Or you may hear, “I like what you said today. Give me a few days and follow up with me.”

Don’t panic. Don’t drop your price or throw in free delivery. Take a deep breath and live to fight another day. Success in sales often depends on your ability to build rapport and a relationship with the prospect. The decision maker wants to buy from someone he trusts, someone he knows will deliver on all the promises that have been made in the sales presentation.

Let me think about it

Image by Carlos López Molina via Flickr

That’s a pretty tall order for even the best salesperson to accomplish in a one hour sales meeting.

The number one goal in every sales call is to get the order. Your focus is to convince the decision maker to buy your product or service.

Your number two goal should be to meet with the buyer again. You want to get a tour of his facility. You want to meet the other key players from the management team. You want to meet the QC Manager, the Controller and his Boss. Why? So you can gather more information to better understand how your product can help his company. The more time the decision maker spends with you the more invested he becomes in building a business partnership with your company.

If the prospect orders the first time you meet…great! You still want to come back again to secure a second order. If the prospect does not order on the spot, it is critical that you secure a second meeting.

The Solution : Ask for a second appointment before you leave the first meeting. The prospect likes you and is considering ordering from your company. You just had a great meeting. It is critical that you get back in front of this prospect in a timely manner and close the sale. It is way too easy to be pushed off and never get back in the door if you have to call and e-mail and chase the decision maker for a second appointment. Better to do it now! Dig out your calendar as the first meeting is winding down, suggest a date for a follow up meeting, look the client in the eye and smile. It’s pretty hard for the decision maker not to check his calendar and schedule that second meeting. You are alive and on the road to closing the sale!


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