Sales : What To Do When Things Are Going Good

Sometimes good things really do happen: That piece of business you have been chasing for years finally breaks and you get an order. The decision maker who always says “No” is transferred and the Admin you have cultivated is promoted to the big job. Your calendar is full with prospect appointments and your clients are expanding and your business should grow with them. Sometimes life is good.

What should you do when everything is going your way?

1. Enjoy the moment. You know how challenging a career in sales can be. All of us have stories of sure things going wrong at the last minute. So when things go right, enjoy, celebrate and thank all of those involved in your success.

2. New business is business at risk. New client, new order. There are lots of moving parts and anything can go wrong…..ordering, delivery, billing, customer service. You are just starting to build a relationship with a new client so there is not a lot of history and goodwill to fall back on if things don’t go well. Make sure you are on top of your business and provide exemplary customer service during this initial start up period with all your new clients.

3. Work harder. Take care of your new clients but keep prospecting and working on new business. Analyze what put you in the sweet spot. Were you a cold calling machine the past few months? Don’t get rusty. Keep at it if you want continued success. Did you focus on reactivating old clients. Dig out the list and work it again.

New business and new clients usually mean more work. You need to take care of your new clients as they begin to do business with you and continue to focus on new business generating activities. The great thing is that work is way more fun when new clients and new orders are coming in.  Enjoy the moment and keep at it.

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