Gaining Sales Traction : Salt on the Road

Sometimes the wheels spin and you need a little traction to get going. Salt on the Road will give your tires the traction they need so you can get out of that icy patch and back on the road.

You can get stuck spinning your wheels in sales. Sometimes a little  help can get you moving again in the right direction. Here are 5 Ways to get some Salt on the Road for your sales efforts:

1. Are you qualifying your prospects? You may have plenty of prospects in the pipeline but are they the real deal or tire kickers? You need to get in front of your prospects and understand their business, their challenges and their goals before you can identify their company as a legitimate prospective buyer.

2. Are you selling what your prospect is buying? Are you pushing products or services that have no real benefit to your buyer? Its a tough road without a clear understanding of what is important to the prospect.

3. How can you close the deal? What’s the hold up? Does your contact have the authority to make a buying decision? Do they have the budget? Can you close the deal t-o-d-a-y? Do you need a special offer, an introductory rate, free delivery?

4. Are you engaging your current clients with new products and services ? Are you expanding your reach into your client companies by talking to all department heads and potential buyers? If you want to grow your sales by 10% this year, stop cold calling and go back to your clients. The easiest person to sell is someone who is already a buyer.

5. Do you just need to do more? The same old same old got you where you are today. If you want to grow and you want the glory and the dough, then you need to add something new to the mix. Look at your routine. How can you increase your efforts and your results? A few more cold calls a day, a couple of extra follow up  e-mails, one more presentation a week? Your extra effort always pays off!











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