22 Great Songs to Pump You Up Before a Sales Call

by Bob Everlanka & Bob Kuczik

Today is the day! You are heading to the big sales call. But instead of focusing all your energy and intellect on the upcoming sales call, you are distracted because you just got off the phone with:

(A) An irate client upset about a billing error

(B) Your kid who called to complain there is no food in the house

(C) The Mother-In-Law

(D) All of the Above

So how do you transition to a positive, upbeat, focused sales professional in a few minutes?

Download any or all of the following songs and crank up the volume for a few minutes before your sales call. We guarantee your energy level and enthusiasm will skyrocket before you get out of the car to make that sale!

Would you like to add one of your favorites to the list? There could be Part II. Send your suggestions and comments to headduck@salesducks.com

Sales Ducks List of Great Songs To Pump You up before a Sales Call

1. It’s a Beautiful Day, U2

2. 500 Miles, The Proclaimers

3. Hey, Oh, Let’s Go, The Ramones

4. Can’t Touch This, MC Hammer

5. What I Like About You, Romantics

6. Better Things, The Kinks

7. Hello!, The Book of Mormon Musical

8. Shipping Up To Boston, Drop Kick Murphys

9. Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner

10. Step Right Up, Tom Waits

11. Running Down the Road, Tom Petty

12. I Can See For Miles, The Who

13. I Feel Free, Cream

14. Rock & Roll Part Two, Garry Glitter

15. Drive My Car, The Beatles

16. Gonna Get you, Pete Townshend

17. I Get Knocked Down, Chumbawamba

18. Power, Kanye West

19. Rockin In the Free World, Neil Young

20. Everybody Has To Serve Somebody, Bob Dylan

21. Jenny, 8675309, Tommy Tutone

22. Working On The Highway, Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band

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