Prospecting at the Granular Level

  I love how certain words become buzz words, like "granular". Politicians love to talk about analyzing voter demographics at the "granular" level. Prosecutors talk about examining evidence and building a case from the "granular" level. In a sales context, it means putting your business under a microscope to better understand your clients and why they buying from your firm. Once you understand this you can begin to build a targeted … [Read more...]

Marrying Your Prospect

by Twyla Grimes My husband and I got engaged three weeks after our first date. Most people say, "Wow! That is really soon! How can you be sure he is the right one?" Well, we just knew. What's funny though is that most sales professionals expect to walk in to an appointment and walk out with a signed contract and an order, all at the first meeting. They expect to get "married", if you will. When this does not happen, the sales … [Read more...]

Features & Benefits

healthcare (Photo credit: themikemckee)by Bob Everlanka Don't assume that your prospect can see the connection between your product features and the benefit that will impact his company if he buys your product. You need to spell it out. Your prospect may get the general idea and see the basic value in your product or service but by articulating the specific benefit he will receive you can really bring home a powerful message and spur the … [Read more...]

Prospecting : That Dog Won’t Hunt

When things are going bad and nothing good is on the horizon, you need to take a step back. Doing the same old thing again and again will not work. That dog won't hunt. Your best bet is to look at your activity levels today and compare them to what made you successful in the past. Have you strayed from your own personal formula for success? You need to find that old magic when good things happened every week. Dig out your old files and look … [Read more...]

Sales : Living the Dream

When I visit one of my clients and ask him how things are going, he tells me he is "living the dream." He always says this with a smirk on his face a little weary sarcasm in his voice. Looking at how he makes a living, I can see why he might be bitter. His desk is piled high with reports. The phone rings all day long. His desk is dominated by his computer screen. This guy is always leaning forward,squinting at his screen and punching in … [Read more...]

Prospecting Sales

Today is the big day for your sales meeting with a major prospect. You are ready. Briefcase. Sales material. Note Pad with a few questions jotted down. You are locked and loaded and ready to go. Hold on. What are you missing? What could you do that takes five minutes and can greatly increase your chance of success? Google your prospect and gather information! In five minutes you will have a much better sense of the prospect's product … [Read more...]

Getting Ready To Sell

  Before you grab your briefcase and walk out the door to an appointment and before you pick up the phone to start calling prospects, take a deep breath. You need a plan. Success does not just happen in sales. Accomplished sales professionals do everything they can to put the pieces in place so they maximize their chance of success.     The best way to do this is to start every day knowing exactly what you want to … [Read more...]

Sales Strategies

If you say it, do it. When you meet a prospective client for the first time, in person or on the phone, promise them something. Then make sure you deliver on your promise. For example, when phoning for an appointment, briefly state the reason for the call and then end with a specific promise for action. It could be something as simple as leaving a voice mail. For example : " Good Morning Jim. This is Bob X and I am calling to introduce … [Read more...]

Sales Prospecting and Campaigning

Prospective clients are tough to reach. The bigger the prospect, the more difficult they are to meet.  No surprise here. Your competitors are banging on their door. The vendor the prospect currently uses is probably doing a pretty good job. Unless the current supplier screws up or there is a huge change in the client requirements, why would the prospect spend time with new vendors? So how do you break through and create a sense of interest in … [Read more...]

Selling & Closing Effortlessly

by Bob Everlanka Let's get to it. How do you actually sell? What are the mechanics of a sale? It may sound counter-intuitive, but the first step in a successful sales call is to listen. No talking. No persuasive pitch. Just ask your prospect a few basic questions and listen. Take some notes. Everyone feels good if you listen to what they have to say and you take notes to be sure you remember the key points. It is just like talking to a … [Read more...]