Book Recommendation: Cold Calling Techniques

Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work! by Stephen Schiffman is a terrific sales book. It is full of real world advice and examples of how to cold call. The introduction by Schiffman says it all, “The key to successful selling is you ability to reach the decision maker. This book is about getting appointments.”

If you need to pick up the phone and call prospects as part of your job, check out this book. Steve’s review of the mechanics of a cold call, sample scripts, ideas on how to overcome objections and suggestions on follow up calls are invaluable and rooted in the real world.

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Here’s a quote from the book : “Even if you have a successful week, a successful month, or a successful year, that doesn’t mean you should ever stop prospecting. One of the biggest mistakes that we make is we convince ourselves that we don’t have to prospect on a regular basis. We get happy and complacent with our existing business and think we don’t have to seek new business.”

Prospect constantly, every single day.

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