Prospecting at the Granular Level


I love how certain words become buzz words, like “granular”. Politicians love to talk about analyzing voter demographics at the “granular” level. Prosecutors talk about examining evidence and building a case from the “granular” level.

In a sales context, it means putting your business under a microscope to better understand your clients and why they buying from your firm. Once you understand this you can begin to build a targeted business development campaign designed to identify and reach like minded companies.

If you’ve had some success selling to logistics companies or florists, it makes sense to target every logistics company or florist in town. You are an expert. You have industry references. You understand how their business works, the challenges they face and exactly how your product or service can help them accomplish their goals. You are not just another sales guy…you are an industry expert who is willing to share his knowledge, expertise and know-how with your prospects. You have something of value to offer these prospects that no other sales rep can offer.

Take it to the granular level.

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