Prospecting : That Dog Won’t Hunt

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Duitse staande korthaar in typerende voorstaande houding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When things are going bad and nothing good is on the horizon, you need to take a step back. Doing the same old thing again and again will not work. That dog won’t hunt.

Your best bet is to look at your activity levels today and compare them to what made you successful in the past. Have you strayed from your own personal formula for success? You need to find that old magic when good things happened every week.

Dig out your old files and look at your business from six monthsago and one year ago. What were you doing when you were in the middle of a hot streak?

1. Prospecting What type of proepsects were you working when every lead turned into a buyer?Anything different now? Go back to your old target lists to see if you can recreate the mojo you had.

2. Meetings Are you taking short cuts when you meet a prospect compared to last year? Are you researching the company as you did in the past? Go back to what worked for you and put in a little extra time before every sles call.

3. Decision Makers Are you meeting with the right person in the organization who can give you an order? It’s easy to be pushed off to a staff member who has no authority to make the final purchasing decision. Are you letting this happen to you? Make sure you are as tenatious as you were in the past to get in front of the real buyer.

4. Follow Up & Close Are you asking for the order? We all get battle scars in sales. There’s an old joke about how people vote in Chicago…early and often. It applies to closing as well. The buyer knows why you are sitting in front of him. You are in sales. Close early and often.

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