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Prospective clients are tough to reach. The bigger the prospect, the more difficult they are to meet.  No surprise here. Your competitors are banging on their door. The vendor the prospect currently uses is probably doing a pretty good job. Unless the current supplier screws up or there is a huge change in the client requirements, why would the prospect spend time with new vendors?

So how do you break through and create a sense of interest in your company so the prospect will agree to meet you?

Campaign the prospect. Qualify them first. Make sure they are a solid prospect that uses your service or product and it is worth the time you will invest. If you feel comfortable that they are a worthy prospect then it’s Campaign Time.

To campaign an account, plan out a list of activities and timetable so that you can reach the client multiple times, spark his interest and make him receptive for your request for a meeting.

There is no need to campaign the buyer who sees everybody who knocks on his door once a week. You do not campaign the small account that uses your product occasionally. You reserve the campaign for the big volume users. The big fish. Ideally, you identify a dozen or so major prospects and put them on the same campaign timetable.

The idea is to create a plan that includes a variety of contacts and messages over a month, designed to peak the prospect’s interest in your product, create admiration in your persistence and ingenuity and ultimately get you an audience.

Here is a sample Campaign Plan:

Week 1 : Call to schedule an appointment. Leave voice mail if necessary.

Week 2. Send e-mail with e-brochure attachment including a message that  you will follow up to schedule an appoinment.

Week 3. Drop off a brochure, a scratch off  lottery ticket and a note asking your client if they feel lucky or if their current vendor makes them feel like they have won the lottery. Mention you would like to meet and introduce yourself.

Week 4: Call prospect and ask if they won the lottery and ask for an appointment. Leave a voice mail if necessay.

Week 5 : Mail or drop off a note with Excedrin and an appropriate message about helping clients deal with stress, deadlines or production challenges. Mnetion you will be calling tomorrow for an appointment.

Week 5 : Start calling and ask for a meet. Don’t leave a voice mail. Try several times during the day. Repeat as needed.

The ideal scenario is to have a dozen prospects that you are campaigning at the same time. There is a very good chance by the end of the month you will have scheduled an appointment with several of these valuable, hard to reach prospects. You will not connect with everyone on your list. But these prospects are worth the extra effort to plan and follow up with a consistent effort. With some trial and effort and a little creativity you may hit on a great combination of activities that get you in front of the majority of these targeted prospects.

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