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Before you grab your briefcase and walk out the door to an appointment and before you pick up the phone to start calling prospects, take a deep breath. You need a plan. Success does not just happen in sales. Accomplished sales professionals do everything they can to put the pieces in place so they maximize their chance of success.



The best way to do this is to start every day knowing exactly what you want to accomplish. That means when you walk in the office 10 minutes before 8:00am, you already know your daily schedule. You know if you will be cold calling this morning, following up on some hot leads or prepping for a morning appointment.

How do you know?

Simple. You took a few minutes before you left the office last night to prepare for today. You briefly reviewed your day and your past few weeks of activity and crafted a plan for the following day. Don’t let 12 hours pass before you try and plan your day and follow up activities. At the end of the day, in the heat of the battle, with the days events and conversations fresh in your mind, make some decisions on when you need to follow up and how you can most effectively use your time.

By following this simple piece of advice, you can walk in the door to your office every morning, take a last sip of coffee and you are good to go. You don’t have to waste time trying to remember who gave you that great lead you scribbled on the back on an envelope. You have the prospect name and phone number on the top of your prospect list because you put it there last night. In fact, you are going to call that prospect right now because the chance of catching him answering his own phone is much greater before 8:00am than in 30 minutes when the Receptionist has settled in and is screening his calls.

Success is not guaranteed because you are organized, focused and pre-plan your days. But you are stacking the deck in your favor by maximizing the potential benefit of your efforts.If you have taken the time to research a prospect, make a cold call and talk to a prospective client, let’s make sure you don’t miss an opportunity or fail to follow up on a timely basis.

Be organized, plan your days and you will give yourself every chance to make the sale.


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