Sales : Looking To Prove Something?

Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

Good. Use it.

Did the Sales Manager recognize a few star performers at the last Sales Meeting and he left your name off the list? Feel dissed? Good. Use whatever you can to motivate yourself to work harder, make more calls and grow your business to the point where everyone will notice.

I tell people I have Irish Alzheimer’s. That’s when the only things you rememberĀ are insults and perceived slights from years ago. My whole family is afflicted. It makes for an interesting dynamic around family Holidays.

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Now you do not want to cross over the line into Crazyland. You don’t want to be the bitter, unhappy guy who brings people down at every Comapny function. You need to turn that chip on your shoulder to positive energy and motivation to do your best.

There’s nothing wrong with being the guy with something to prove. The last guy at your comapny with that attitude is probably your boss.

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