Sales Secrets From 50 Years Ago

Elmer G. Letterman was a world class insurance salesman over 50 years ago. He wrote  an astonishing amount of insurance. Back when writing $100,000 to $200,000 worth of polices a year was the gold standard, Elmer was routinely writing $2,000,000+ every year.

I found his book, “How Showmanship Sells” written in 1965 in a used book stor this wekend. This guy was the ultimate net worker before the term was ever invented. Smart guy. He dressed for success, worked to stand out from the crowd, lunched with key decision makers every day and had a lot of fun. Elmer is the guy who said, ” Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Here are some of Elmer’s ‘secrets” he revels in his book:

1. Showmanship Makes Sales

2. Hustle Up a Storm

3. Be Yourself and Think Big

4. Invest in Yourself and Have a Goal

5. Make a Strong Impression

6. Treat Every Job as an Opportunity

7. A Reputation Brings Business

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