Selling Beer with Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company

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The recent Harvard Business Review Magazine features an interview with Jim Koch, the Founder of the Boston Beer Company. Here are a couple of great quotes :

” When I started Boston Beer Company, in 1984, I had three degrees from Harvard and seven years of management consulting experience, and I saw sales as a slightly questionable act that involved separating people from their money. ”

“Today my company is 28 years old with more than $500┬ámillion in revenue and 320 salespeople, but I spend more time on sales than any other activity except brewing.”

“I’ve come to see a sales call as one of the most challenging intellectual activities there is…”

” Being a street salesman can be very humbling….Selling isin’t for sissies…But even if Ivy Leaguers prefer to talk about marketing and management, sales remains the core function of every company. Without sales, there is no business to manage.”

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