Surfs Up!

Get up early, grab your gear and go. Charge off with anticipation of good things happening. Wax the board, pull on the wet suit and paddle out.

Surfs up. A good set is coming in. Maneuver your board to be in the right place at the right time. Turn, paddle, catch the sweet spot and pop up on the board. Everything is good. You are up, in control and riding that wave. Sometimes things don’t go right and you crash and burn and pay the price. It could be water up the nose or a bump on the head. But today all is good and you are grateful, bro.

It sounds a little bit like sales. Get up early, grab your gear, paddle out with enthusiasm, find the sweet spot, ride the wave and close the deal. If you lose your balance, you crash. Pick yourself up and do it again.

It takes practice to get good and learn to put yourself in the best position to catch a wave. So, be confident, be cool and go get some. Surfs up!


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