5 Reasons To Choose A Career In Sales

There are plently of great reasons to take a sales job. Here are five:

1. SALES JOBS ARE AVAILABLE. Unemployment may be 9% these days but not in sales. There are plenty of openings where you can make a good living. Check out any Job Board on-line or your local newspaper. There may not be too many openings for Liberal Arts Majors except as a barista but there are plenty of entrty level sales jobs listed every day.

2. MONEY! Say it with me. If you want to get paid, take a sales job. Forget $10 per hour office jobs or a salaried position with 3% annual raises. Do you want to work hard and reap the rewards of your hard work? Take a sales job. Get a decent base salary. Forget the all-commission jobs unless you have experience. You want a base salary and commissions or bonus based on the business you generate.

3. FUN! Get out of the office. Get off the computer. Get out and talk to someone. Make them laugh. Tell them your story. It’s a heck of a lot more fun than sitting at a desk.

4. BE YOUR OWN BOSS. In sales, there is always a Sales Manager looking at your numbers and sales results. But often you are on your own and the master of your own destiny. You are “in the field”. That means you are away from office politics, special projects and the time clock. The more successful you are in sales the more slack you get from the boss. Close a few deals and you may not have to report to the office every morning. You can just say, “I have an early morning appointment and then I will be in the field.”

5. TRAVEL. Almost all sales jobs require some travel. It could be to work a territory or to drive over to a prospect’s office for a meet. Most large sales organizations have regional and national sales meetings. It can be a great opportunity to network with clients and peers, work with the boss and increase your experience. At the very least you can rack up some frequent flyer miles.

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