Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis

That’s one of my favorite movie lines of all time from The Godfather…..”Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis”.

Cover of "The Godfather (Widescreen Editi...
Cover of The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)

Short, sweet and to the point. The voice of reason and experience.

It’s a great model for a Sales Manager. When you are working with a sales rep make sure your advice is clear, direct and easy to understand. You have years of experience to back up your point of view.

Here are a few examples of advice every new sales person needs to hear:

1. Always ask for the sale. Always.

2. Dress professionally. Dress appropriately for your audience. Business professional dress usually works if you are calling on a Warehouse Manager, a business suit makes sense if you are calling on the V.P of Purchasing at a Fortune 500 Company.

3. Don’t talk politics with your prospects or clients. If you need to make small talk, go with sports or family.

4. Ask questions. Listen. Ask more questions. Get a complete picture of your client and their business before you start talking about your product or service.

5. Extra works. The extra phone call, sales call, e-mail, follow up, etc..going the extra mile for your prospects and clients pays off.

What advice do you wish your Sales Manager gave you when you were starting off your career in sales? Let us know @ SalesDucks.com

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