Microsoft Ad : Selling

by Bob Kuczik

There is a clever new Microsoft television commercial where a young boy makes a simple video power point presentation to his parents about why the family needs to get a new pet.

It begins in the living room where the kid warmly invites his parents to listen to his pitch. The seasoned pro lets the presentation begin without saying a word. He pushes the start button and the screen display reads “Why we need a dog.”

The kid laughs at the correct time during the video, nods his head affirmatively like a reporter doing an interview, and prods his parents with a solemn look with the basic bar chart that indicates that people with dogs live longer.


The senior buyer in the household, Mom, buys the presentation while Dad looks at her in a defeated shrug.

In the next sceen we see the kid frolicking in the background playing with his new puppy. In the foreground, dad is attempting to coat tail his son’s technique with a pitch to his wife. With an uncomfortable tight lipped lock on his face, he approaches Mom, abruptly flips open his laptop and interupts his wife who is preparing dinner.

“Why I need to play more golf” appears on the notebook’s screen.

With barely a glance at the pathetic pitch, Mom shakes he head in a negative. Without a whimper, the Dad retreats in defeat.

Compare the sales presentations.

Junior made sure his parents were prepared to listen to his sales pitch. He relaxes them with a winning smile and defuses their apprehension. His selling points are brief and easy to understand. Instead of talking he lets the video and photographs tells his story. He nods affirmatively and looks his parents in the eye to bring them on board. He exits his pitch gracefully to close the sale. And, he did not forget to ask for the order. Well done!

The lesson: To succeed at sales you should make your customer feel comfortable. Be confident, self-assured and always rememebr to smile.

Microsoft Dog

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