Sales : Overcoming Objections

 Try this three step process the next time you encounter an objection by your client as you are progressing towards a sale:

1. Recognize the client’s objection or concern as legitmate. Don’t immediately try to overcome an objection. Validate what the client says first. Show the client you are taking what he said seriously. “Mmmm. I see what you are saying, I hear you.” Pause and think for a second even if you have an immediate response in mind. Take a breath.

2. Transition to your response. Set up your response to overcome the objection by saying, “You know, I have a very good client who voiced the same concern you just raised.” Provide some details on how you worked together with your client to deal with this issue satisfactorrily.

3. Overcome the objection and close. You have recognized the client’s concern as valid. You have shown how this issue was not a deal breaker and how you worked with another client to overcome this issue. Now deal with the issue and close the deal. It could be something as simple as, “Does the solution I developed with my client that I just shared with you make sense to you?” Or, you could try, “There are a couple of ways we can make this work…” Offer a few alternative solutions, let the buyer pick the best solution for his business, and close the deal.

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