Sales Strategies

If you say it, do it. When you meet a prospective client for the first time, in person or on the phone, promise them something. Then make sure you deliver on your promise. For example, when phoning for an appointment, briefly state the reason for the call and then end with a specific promise for action. It could be something as simple as leaving a voice mail. For example : " Good Morning Jim. This is Bob X and I am calling to introduce … [Read more...]

5 Reasons To Choose A Career In Sales

There are plently of great reasons to take a sales job. Here are five: 1. SALES JOBS ARE AVAILABLE. Unemployment may be 9% these days but not in sales. There are plenty of openings where you can make a good living. Check out any Job Board on-line or your local newspaper. There may not be too many openings for┬áLiberal Arts Majors except as a barista but there are plenty of entrty level sales jobs listed every day. 2. MONEY! Say it with me. … [Read more...]

Sales Strategy, Execution and Follow Up

by Chuck Tilton A friend and colleague from fifty years ago has retired from the ranks of Indiana High School Football coaches. He finished at number three on the all-time list for wins by a coach in the history of Indiana High School Football. His record includes a winning percentage of more than 80% : 339 wins-66loses-3 ties and 5 State championships. During a recent interview, Coach was asked what was more important to his winning … [Read more...]


Most studies of sales people show that the average, reasonably successful sales rep rarely spends more than 90 minutes per day actually selling. In many cases, it is significantly less than that. 90 minutes! The rest of the day is spent in preparation, driving, talking with accounting or production or your buddies, texting or working on your fantasy football team. If you want to be successful, one way to stack the deck in your favor is to … [Read more...]

I am the Operator of my Pocket Calculator

Calculator (Photo credit: n_erd)by ┬áBob Kuczik If you work with profit margins versus mark-ups, you can make your life a lot easier by purchasing an inexpensive calculator from Texas Instruments. The TEXAS INSTRUMENTS PROFIT MANAGER BA-20 DESKTOP CALCULATOR has been on the market for twenty years. Chances are the person you are trying to sell has one on his desk. This baby will run you as little as $12.99 at Amazon or Staples or Officemax … [Read more...]