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Bicycle Racing

Here is terrific article about competition and leadership by Paul Hochman in Fortune Magazine and picked up by It’s several years old but a keeper.

On the surface, the article talks about the Tour de France, the 2700 mile, three week endurance test held every summer on the mountain and village roads of France.

In reality, the article is an insightful, entertaining study of a highly competitive organization, leadership and how the customs and ethics of the organization works.

The subtitle of the article says it all. “Cut deals with the enemy, maximize liquidity, punish the welshers and other free market lessons”.

The story includes real world stories of how the peleton functions. Hochman describes this dangerous, city on wheels as ” an orderly, complex web of shifting alliances, crossed with brutal competition, designed to keep or acquire the markets most valued currency: energy.” Sounds like your sales organization, right?

This article is a great read with a few lessons here for all of us navigating our way in the sales game. The story can be found here: Paul Hochman story Pack Mentality.

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