Selling & Competition


By Twyla Grimes

Do you have your game face on?

All athletes know who they are up against before the competition begins. Football teams watch film of their rivals, over and over, analyzing their opponents tendencies and identifying their weaknesses. Boxers practice relentlessly and review past fights so they can develop a winning fight plan. Knowing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is essential if you expect to be successful in sales. After all, why play if you are not prepared to win?

No matter what industry you are in, you will be facing competitors who want the same thing you want…the next sale, the next client. Are you doing your homework? Do you understand what it takes to win? If you don’t, you have lost the sale before you step foot into your prospect’s office.

I can recall countless meetings where I have been sitting across from a prospect and they have told me they use staffing services for temporary staff. Fantastic. That is why I am here. If the prospect has agreed to meet with me there  is a very good chance that they are not happy with their current vendor. I need to quickly find out why they are unhappy and how I can offer a solution with my service to solve their problem.

I can typically figure out where the problem and opportunity is just by finding out which competitor is currently servicing this account. I know my competition. There are staffing companies that have a revolving door with sales and recruiters, they will over sell and under deliver or they just do not offer the level of service and value needed to retain a client. Any of these reasons can cause a company to look for a new provider.

By knowing your competition you can quickly identify the problems your propsect is facing and gear your sales pitch to capitalize on your strenghts in this area.

Think that is it? Does any true athlete only train for one game? Absolutely not. A winning sales rep will need to brush up on the competition on a regular basis. People come and go and so do services. You need to make it a point to know who are the key players and what they offer. Bring your “A” game to every competition!

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