Selling and Dickens


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” You know the feeling. New business is rolling in but the ground underneath your feet is a little shaky. Some of your long term clients are moving on.

What’s going on? Did you lose a few clients because you are targeting a different type of business? Is this a natural result of positioning your company for bigger and better things in the future? Hope so. Is it because you lost focus and stopped providing the level of service and support necessary to your current client base while you spent all your time hunting for new business. Better figure it out, double quick.

The secret to growing your business is all about balance. You can’t grow without maintaining your current clients. If your focus is on new business development you better make sure someone on your team is taking care of your clients. As your business grows your one man approach may need to grow. You may need someone on your team who focuses on customer service and business expansion within your current roster of clients. Don’t forget that there is almost always more business to be had from your clients. You or someone from your company just needs to devote the time to cultivate the client, identify additional opportunities and ordering sources within the organization.

The best way to make your numbers and grow your business is to solidify your current base of business by making sure your clients are receiving a high level of customer support. With a happy group of clients all new business fuels your growth.

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