Selling : Get in the Ring!


There is an old saying in boxing : “Everyone has plans…..until they get hit.”

Sounds like Sales.

Every good sales rep walks into a meeting with their prospect with a game plan. It might include opening with a few questions to clarify the prospect’s needs, challenges and opportunity. It always includes a presentation highlighting your company or product. And any good sales rep always closes by asking for the order.

But what happens when you ask the first or second clarifying question and the meeting goes off the rails. Something happened between the last time you spoke with your prospect and today. Whatever you prepared is not going to cut it. Your prospect want to know about delivery times or payment terms or customer service or whatever issue just moved up to be the burning, top of mind key issue.

You are on the hot seat! Can you react, think on your feet, adjust your pitch and close this deal or are you stuck with your canned sales pitch? Selling 101 starts with listening to your prospect. Your propsect will tell you what are the key issues you must address. He will help you make the sale if you listen and respond. The more presentations you do, the better you will get and listening to the buying signals the prospect shares with you in your meeting and the better you will be in customizing your approach.

Get in the ring and give it your best shot!

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