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Most studies of sales people show that the average, reasonably successful sales rep rarely spends more than 90 minutes per day actually selling. In many cases, it is significantly less than that. 90 minutes! The rest of the day is spent in preparation, driving, talking with accounting or production or your buddies, texting or working on your fantasy football team.

If you want to be successful, one way to stack the deck in your favor is to organize your day and week to maximize your selling time. More at-bats means more opportunity to get a hit.

If you are working a sales territory, it makes sense to geographically bunch your sales calls and cold calls together so you are not wasting your time driving back and forth across town.

Once you secure an appointment with a prospect, use it to anchor your day. Build a plan around that appointment. If your meeting is scheduled for 10:00am next Tuesday, it’s time to start calling your prospects in the area and try to schedule several more appointments on the same day. It’s very effective to call a prospect and tell him you are meeting ABC Company and you would like to stop by and introduce yourself at 11:30am. If that day and time does not work, no problem. Schedule a meeting for another day. Making the appointment is your primary goal. Scheduling the meeting for the same day as another call is just gravy. Repeat the process until you have several meetings booked on the same side of town for the same day.

If you have a few hours between appointments, cold call. Tell the prospect you were in their building meeting with ABC Company and you wanted to stop by and introduce yourself to the decision maker. You may walk into a great meeting or at least identify another potential prospect.

Sales can be a game of numbers. Maximize your opportunities, use your time wisely and good things happen.

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