Starting Out In Sales : Selling

Let’s get to it. How do you actually sell? what are the mechanics of a sale?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the first step in a successful sales call is to listen. No talking. No persuasive pitch. Just ask your prospect a few basic questions and listen. Take some notes. Everyone feels good if you listen to what they have to say and you take notes to remember the key points.

It is just like talking to a friend you have not seen in a while. Ask your prospect about their business. Ask if the slow down in the economy has hurt their business. Do they have a busy season? What is their role in the company? How do they currently use your type of service or product? What challenges do they face? Dig in on the challenges. Service Issues from their current supplier? Delivery problems? Pricing issues? Invoicing problems?Quality issues with the product? There is always something that could be improved. You can never ask too many questions.

Your prospect’s response to your questions gives you a roadmap on how to sell the account. He has told you what is importnat to him. he told you where his current supplier is not meeting his expectations.

Use this infoprmation to customize your presentation. Highlight the strenghts your company has to offer in the areas the prospect tells you is a problem. Is product quality an issue? then make sure you spend considerable time talking about your 7 Step QC Process. Did the prospect say he can never get anyone on the phone from his current supplier. Give him your cell number. tell him about your award winning Customer Service Department and how you will assign a Senior service Rep to expedite his order.

Listen to your client and use the roadmap he provides to close the sale.