Closing : When Your Prospect Says “No”

When your prospect says no, logic rarely has anything to do with it. Emotions might. Politics might. Indifference might. But logic rarely is the deciding factor in a buy vs. no buy decision

How so?

If you have done your homework and developed a good understanding of the buyer’s business, his needs, current supplier strengths and weaknesses and what the buyer is trying to accomplish, then you should be able to put together a compelling, logical case for why the buyer should choose your firm. Here’s where you would highlight your product strengths with price, quality and service.

But as in real life, logic will only take you so far. Remember the last time you had an argument with your spouse. How did the logic thing work out for you? Emotion, politics, personal relationships and more will generally outweigh logic when the buyer makes his decision.

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Think about when you bought your car. If you made your decision based purely on logic, cost and gas mileage you would be driving a Hyundai. Are you? Why did your neighbor buy a Land Rover? Are they going into the bush? It’s not logic that drove that decision.

How do you close more deals? Take the time to build a relationship with your buyer. The rapport you build with your prospect will make all the difference come decision time. Does the client trust you, respect your product and industry knowledge, believe you will put in the time and energy necessary to make the deal work for his firm? If the answer is yes and you have deal that makes sense then you are on your way to closing the sale.


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