Sales : Dream On

by Bob Everlanka

A friend of mine has been in Sales for 20 years. Very successful. A full roster of clients. A wall full of awards. This is a guy who knows what to do and how to do it.

Yet his dream is to open a car wash and sit behind the wall of the change machine and watch the dollar bills come thru the slot. No human interaction. No conversation. No phone or e-mail. He just wants to sit in a dark room and watch money come thru the wall.

We all have days like that where we couldn’t possibly pick up the phone and make one more call.

It’s OK. If this happens to you once or twice a year, no worries. Take a break. You need a day to recharge.

Rather than bang the phone or make one more presentation with no enthusiasm and no energy, step out of the box. Make the day work for you. Suprise your spouse and meet for lunch. Take time to plan out your schedule for next month. Do some research on a few prospects that you have been meaning to do for the past few weeks. Walk down to Accounting and bring a cup of coffee to the guy who sorted out the invoicing nightmare with your biggest client. Check in with IT to see if they have created that tracking report you need. Retail therapy works as well.

Rather than pushing yourself and going thru the motions of prospecting and selling, walk away. Take a break, even for a few hours, and find a way to regain your enthusiasm and sense of mission.


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