Governor Chris Christie’s Speech & Sales Presentations

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave a great speech last night at the Republican National Convention. Politics aside, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, we could all take a lesson on how to make a compelling argument by following Christie’s speech. Here are four elements from the speech that you should consider including in your next sales presentation:

1. Be yourself and share some personal information about your life and your success. Prospective buyers want to know who they are dealing with on a personal level. Christie talked about his Mom and how she was ” tough as nails and did not suffer fools.” He followed with…” I am my mother’s son.”

2. Speak the truth and do not pander to your audience. Buyers are experts with fine tuned B.S. detectors.

3. Believe in yourself, your product and company. Deliver your message with enthusiasm, confidence and humor.  Governor Christie came out strong and talked with energy, passion and conviction.

4. End with a call to action. Ask for the order! Governor Christie built up to his close with a series of short declarative sentences…

” Leadership Delivers.”

“Leadership counts.”

“Leadership matters.”

“We have a nominee who will tell the truth and who will lead with conviction…”

And finally he asked people to stand up with him, get out of their seats and stand up for America and the Republican nominee.

What a great close. The audience was on their feet and inspired.

You may not get a standing ovation when you give your next presentation but by incorporating some of the same techniques Christie used in his speech you may be able to successful move your audience, the buyer, to shake your hand and give you an order. Good selling!

TAMPA, FL - AUGUST 28:  New Jersey Gov. Chris ...

TAMPA, FL – AUGUST 28: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie waves as he takes the stage during the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Today is the first full session of the RNC after the start was delayed due to Tropical Storm Isaac. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

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