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Sales : Living the Dream

Sales : Living the Dream

When I visit one of my clients and ask him how things are going, he tells me he is “living the dream.” He always says this with a smirk on his face a little weary sarcasm in his voice.

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Looking at how he makes a living, I can see why he might be bitter. His desk is piled high with reports. The phone rings all day long. His desk is dominated by his computer screen. This guy is always leaning forward,squinting at his screen and punching in data with two fingers. To complete the picture, add in a 60 hour work week, a boss who communicates in grunts and no chance of promotion or a raise. What kind of twisted dream is that?

Don’t tell him our secret. In Sales, you can “live the dream.” If you work hard, learn how to sell and have some success, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Our job is to meet new people, learn about their business, build relationships and provide solutions to help their business. Sounds like fun to me.

Of course there are plenty of less than stellar moments in sales. Clients come and go and break your heart. There is pressure to perform and grow your business. But no matter how bad your week might be there is always opportunity behind the next door. Knock on it and start living your dream.

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